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A Better Way To Build Websites
Site Build It! is a revolutionary web site-building system for small business that is taking the Internet by storm. It takes the need to know technology out of the equation & enables you to focus on what's most important, building a successful business! This cutting edge system includes everything you need to succeed!
Complete Internet Cleanup
ZipEnable 1.0 - HTTP Compression Utility, Open QueryBuilder - Visual Query Builder, 602PC SUITE - Integrated Office Suite, Winnow Cleaner 3.3 - Internet Track Eraser, File Splitter Deluxe - File Management Resource
HP LaserJet 4100mfp--big savings, even bigger functions
boost productivity and return on investment with the hard-working HP LaserJet 4100mfp, an intelligent network appliance that saves space, saves money and streamlines day-to-day business functions. Now you can print, copy, scan, fax and send to email, with the simplicity and reliability you expect from an HP LaserJet. How does it feel to get more than you paid for?
How To Run An Effective Ezine Ad Campaign
You've faithfully submitted your free ad to dozens of ezines. You've heard that ezines are one of the best ways to get the word out about your business ...

... So why aren't you seeing any RESULTS?
How Search Engines Connect Sellers and Buyers
Maggie knows how to find what she wants. She lets her fingers do the walking – not in the Yellow Pages, but at She wants to learn about bread baking, and you have just written Bread Baking Made Simple, and you sell some great baking tools. The good news is the Google and other search engines exist for one simple reason: to help Maggie find your website.
The Tough Times Guide To Winning Venture Capital
Last year a leading Venture Capital (VC) firm received over 3000 proposals. They funded 20. Other VC firms funded between 2 and 6. Will the good times roll again? You bet, but let's get back to the central issue of what you need to get that funding.
3.6 reasons to choose SBC Long Distance.
Get SBC Long Distance at one flat rate anywhere, anytime in the U.S. Choose from plans that fit your needs, not ours. And, receive it all on one bill from a company with one priority: to earn your business every day.
10 Ways to Get the Media to Love You
When the media calls, stop what you are doing and give them your full attention. That’s right. Maybe you’re having lunch. Or in a meeting. Guess what? The media waits for no one. I advise my clients to tell assistants to interrupt them at any time if the media calls
Working with a Creative Marketing Firm
With competitive shopping you simply request a few bids and go with the lowest price. Although the right person for the job might also happen to be the lowest bidder, it's unwise to shop for price alone when your image is at stake. Consider the comparative shopping alternative: search for the firm that can best meet your needs within the limits of your budget. Choosing the right firm for the job is just as important as the decisions you'll make during the course of developing your marketing materials.
Protect Your Company From Employee Fraud
Fraud occurs because a person believes they will not be caught. Opportunity seeded by poor internal controls generates the inspiration. Couple this with financial need and inadequate penalties and your deep pockets become fair game. Is your business at risk?
Send Files to Any Email Address
ViewletBuilder - Animated Demo Producer, SiteScope - Real Time Performance Monitoring, Spyware Killa - Spy and Adware Prevention Tool, FastSend - File Transfer/Email Utility, Search and Recover - File Recovery Utility, Broadc@st HTML - Email Marketing Tool
Picking a Reseller Program That Pays
Looking for another way to make money from your site, your web hosting company, or your design business? The goEmerchant Reseller Program pays an amazing $265 commission. They also have some great new features that make it even easier to earn big money.
How To Organize A Successful & Profitable Teleclass
Imagine sitting on your porch and watching your kids play in the backyard. At the same time, you are holding a telephone and talking to 20 people from other states, Canada, Australia, UK, and other places all over the world. Modern technology made this possible!
Why is now the best time to think about your retirement plan?
Now more than ever, your employees look to you to provide them with retirement planning options that will help them feel secure about their future. It's the reason why more and more small businesses are choosing Fidelity Investments as their retirement plan provider.
Think Fast and Win!
The world's fastest workgroup color printerhas arrived! The Xerox Phaser 7300 sets the new global standard for office printing.
Good Content: The Key To Search Engine Ranking
Good content is key to website promotion success. All the bells and whistles in the world will not hold an audience like compelling information. Ask yourself: Why would a visitor stay at my website? What are they looking for? What do I have that they need? What holds them there once I've got them visiting? You have to tell your story in a way that will keep your visitors interested and coming back for more.
Resources for your business
Take advantage of unequaled online tools that let you create customized spending reports, archive expense information and billing statements, and manage your account.
8 Quick Copy Changes That Improve Your Sales
When something isn't selling online, people automatically start assuming things like, "Internet businesses never make any money," or, "My product/service just isn't in-demand." What I tell people when they come to me with these statements is that there are numerous reasons why their product/service might not be selling, and that they should explore other options. For instance, have they taken a good look at their web copy lately?
Business Postage for Less
You can save up to 20% on postage costs, according to an independent study. The electronic scale, which is free as long as you rent the meter, tells you the exact weight for the exact postage. No more overpaying or "guesstimating" postage.
Store Documents into One Encrypted File
WebWorks Publisher Professional 2003 for Word - Total ePublishing for Word Authors, AutoImager - Batch Processing and Image Conversion, PortsLock - User-Level Access Control, Fomine Real-Time Communications Server - Real-Time Communication Software, Broadc@st - Group Email Software, P-Encryption Suite - Powerful File Encryption
Revealing the Roots: The Process of Building Brand
Branding is not so much different from marketing as it is an element of marketing. We think of marketing as a tree; the brand is the roots, holding the tree in place and providing constant energy. The leaves are the tactics, reaching in various directions and changing with the seasons, the trunk is the marketing strategy, connecting the brand and the tactics. In this way, brand is positioned as the basis for any marketing initiative.
Content Quality And Link Popularity
Although I ranked high with Altavista, I am nowhere to be seen on, and that's where I really want to be! Can you tell me how, ranks #1 in for the search term "Dallas Real Estate" when the quality of information provided is horrible in comparison with mine? Also, if his website is recommended more by other websites, is there a better way to get ranked?

With new SBC Business Unlimited, only your rate is limited.
This domestic direct-dialed service is for SBC business customers with 1 to 5 lines. Long distance service offered and priced by SBC Long Distance. Requires one-year term and subscription to qualifying SBC local calling plans and features (included in price). Service may not be available in all areas.

Introducing SBC Business Unlimited.
For the guaranteed flat rate of $58.99 per month for your first line, you’ll get local service and unlimited toll and nationwide long distance calling. You can call whenever and wherever you need to without getting hit with unexpected charges.

Promote Your Business With Your Niche Knowledge

I have just had the chance to promote my site by submitting an article to a newseletter online. This happened totaly by chance, and i was wondering if anyone could offer me an insight into how to get articles published in the future.
Ebiz Etiquette... Where's Miss Manners for this?

I've got a minor problem that crops up every once in awhile- which could probably be addressed in a FAQ. I'm looking for a polite way to say it and keep people happy at the same time.

I make a particular product that people will ask me how I do it. I would actually prefer not to be asked, but how can I phrase "It's a trade secret, I'm not telling anyone, please quit asking/don't bother asking" politely?
Improve the Link Popularity of Your Site
In this article, I explore different methods by which you can improve the link popularity of your site. I start with the methods that you shouldn't bother using, then go on to the moderately effective methods, and then end with the most effective methods you can use to boost the link popularity of your site.
Reclaim control of your e-mail inbox
Internet Explorer Password Revealer, MailWasher Pro, OneMX - File Sharing, webcloner - Site Downloader
How To Calculate The Lifetime Value Of A Client
Jeffrey Pfeffer, best-selling author and Stanford University Graduate School of Business Professor, reported in the December 2002 issue of Business 2.0 a major disconnect between technology investments and customer satisfaction. He found that although one research firm reports that 34% of technology managers continue to invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software (to the estimated tune of $38B through 2005), customer service in several industries is deteriorating rapidly.
Four Tips That Boost E-Newsletter Signups
Let me ask you a question. Suppose a new restaurant opened in your town, and immediately took out an ad in the local paper with the following offer: “Send us $20 and we'll send you some food.” Would you take them up on this proposition?
Business Structures Defined: The Corporation
The corporation is America's most popular and oldest form of business entity. As such, corporate statutes have had the opportunity to evolve over the years and have become quite uniform throughout the states. Today, the most popular forms of corporation include the "General-For-Profit Corporation (or, C-Corporation)" and the "S-Corporation."
How To Double Your Debt Collections
Believe it or not, the success of your attempt to collect a debt is usually decided right at the beginning of your phone call – with the very first thing you say after the other party says hello. Knowing exactly what you are going to say – and handling the call in an organized, professional manner is the foundation upon which collections are made or lost. A professionally executed collections call has four parts:
6 Steps To Getting "Slightly Famous"
A few years ago, Bruce Smith experienced a slowdown in his Salt Lake City-based travel agency. Airlines had eliminated his sales commissions.
Six High Impact Revenue Generating Ideas
As most of you already know the greatest rewards of an online business consists of independence and financial freedom. But to realize the success that we each hope to achieve, there are several things that must be in place prior to reaching your goals. If you're not generating the revenue you are after, the following few strategies and suggestions may help move your business in a new direction.
Connect with your clients and partners better.
These days, keeping your competitive edge means constantly finding better ways to serve your customers. It also means making the best possible use of your time.
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Business
The first and most important aspect of finding a writer for your project is to locate a good match. By that I mean making sure that personalities mesh. Since there's more to good writing than just stringing words together, when selecting a writer be sure that you like the writer's attitude. Next review some of the writer's samples to give you a clear idea of his or her writing style. There are many articles and sites online that share the writer's expertise so review their work, trust your judgment and follow your instincts.
The Power Behind iBuilder... Sign up now - FREE!
iBuilder enables you to collect information from your web site visitors, customers or prospects, market to them intelligently and measure your results quickly. All of this at an affordable price.
Six Steps To Selling By E-mail
Free. . . Sale. . . New . . . Hot. . . Act now! These words announce yet another e-mail sales message. We're inundated with e-mail pitches and wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. So, how do you write your e-mail sales messages so customers will open, and most importantly, act on them?
E-Commerce Solution-Only $19.95 per month-No Lease, No Contract
Feature-packed Complete E-Solution has everything you need to start processing credit cards online, including free-standing web store and free website hosting. We also offer the MOTO/Gateway account for merchants who want to process credit cards via mail/phone orders. We make it easy for you to be an e-commerce contender by putting all the pieces together for the amazing low price of $19.95 a month.
Ease Your Accounting Pains: QuickBooks Q&A
If you’re one of the two million small businesses using QuickBooks software, you’ve probably got questions. I'd like to help you figure out the answer when clicking "Help" just doesn’t help, and understand the various features and functionality of QuickBooks.
Increase Your Newsletter Readership
Everyone puts out an e-newsletter these days. I'm getting more calls from companies who want someone to either write articles or oversee the project from start to finish. Which led me to a simple question -- what types of product newsletters are companies putting out these days? You know, your typical company that manufactures instrumentation or software or that esoteric widget.
Always Ask About Competitors
Sometimes you can get so caught up in learning about the client's needs and so excited by your own enthusiasm for your solution, that you can miss asking about the competition even if the client mentions "competitors." Although you can, you may not want to ask about the competitor the minute the client brings it up, but you must get back to it.
Xerox FreeColorPrinters . . . risk free offer!
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Anti-Piracy Survey: Earn $10!
Help us evaluate some exciting new anti-piracy products currently in development and earn $10 for your time! We think you will find this web survey very interesting and your input will be used to help technology companies improve communications to customers like you.
Market analysis: Your Plan for Profits
[2003-04-09] Market analysis is a necessary part of planning a profitable business. Before investing any money in your business, you must gather information about your potential customers and the demand for your product of service. BENEFITS OF MARKET ANALYSIS
Cut Out The Middle Man For Maximum Profits
[2003-04-07] We all know the secret to saving big money when buying something in the off-line world is buying it wholesale. We know that the more hands an item passes through on the way to us, the more it's going to cost. Everybody involved in the process has to mark the item up in order to cover their expenses and give themselves a little profit.
Build a Winning Business Plan
Nothing is more important to building a profitable business than a thorough business plan. BizPlanBuilder helps you process your ideas and coordinate every move, with an intuitive, seasoned and artfully designed system incorporating many years of experience in almost every industry with countless customers and financial backers.
Is your Company Dressed for Success?
[2003-03-31] Designing an identity for your company is a lot like creating an image for a personality figure: you need to determine what you should look like in order to attract and appeal to your target customer at first glance. Take a moment to look at what you’re wearing and imagine yourself walking into a party room filled with rock stars. Ask yourself this question: “Do I fit in?” Now, ask yourself what your chances are of selling anything to them. Are your chances good or bad?
Internet Marketing – Do the Math – You May be Surprised!
There are several types of media to consider when mapping out an Internet marketing campaign. Some of the more popular candidates include pay-per-click (PPC) listings, PPC banners, banners based upon impressions, e-mail, search engine positioning, and link exchanges. Choosing between the different alternatives can be a daunting task. Regardless of which media you are considering, it pays to sit down with a calculator and do the math – and you may be surprised!