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The Current Economy Impact on Small Business
[2008-08-13] In the current economy, many Small Business, Small Enterprise, and Marketing professionals are watching their Web spend more closely than ever.

One Place for Great Online Business Resources
[2008-06-05] As you know, there are a lot of factors that go into running a small web business successfully, and there are a ton of resources online waiting to be found.

Frustrations of Small Business Marketing
[2008-05-22] Anyone who has worked for or run a small business knows how hard it can be to get good marketing advice. Everyone from the high priced consultant to the guy you buy your laptop from has advice on how to get ahead online.

Conducting Market Research Using the Internet
[2008-05-08] Focus groups and phone surveys have been the traditional bastions of market research. And, despite everyone's best efforts, they've always been expensive and out of reach for many businesses.

Why Small Businesses Won't Adopt "Enterprise 2.0"
[2008-04-24] There seems to be somewhat of a shock wave going around the web, due to the startling revelation that 68% of small businesses have no plans to adopt "Enterprise 2.0" initiatives.

Making Small Daily Improvements To Meet Your Goals
[2008-04-17] Building a well known brand and a sustainable business model in a competitive marketplace is challenging, but if you break things down into pieces and do something every day eventually you win marketshare.

Marketing During An Economic Slump
[2008-04-10] Personally, I am still debating whether I consider the current economic slump a recession or just a media-created frenzy around a hot "emotional" topic for a mass audience during a big year in politics.

LeaveFeedback.org For Local Businesses
[2008-03-27] I'm excited to announce a new free service I developed for local businesses, LeaveFeedback.org. Local Search is one of the newest verticals in the search industry bringing with it the convergence of offline (local) businesses and online search. LeaveFeedback.org has a real solution to one of the biggest problems facing local businesses: online customer reviews.

Businesses Benefit From Yahoo Map Upgrade
[2008-03-13] Yahoo! has announced improvements to Yahoo Local Maps. They've added more data and made the maps easier to read.

Staying Successful In A Startup
[2008-03-06] What motivates entrepreneurs? Money? Control? In truth, some entrepreneurs are expecting to get rich. Others want to grow and control a new venture. But most would probably answer - both - and in the process of mixing the two, ended up with neither.

Is Your Brand Big Enough?
[2008-02-14] When I was on my multi-month critical review of Google a few months back, I frequently highlighted how the perception of spam or quality was often associated with the brand (or lack of brand) behind the content.

How Many Hours a Day Must You Put in To Rank in Google?
[2008-02-07] Question: How long does it take to rank a website? How many hour of work do I have to do each day to compete and rank my website at the top of the search results?

Building an Autopilot Business
[2008-01-24] I think "passive income" and "autopilot internet business" are 2 of the most frequently abused terms in the brick-and-mortar as well as the online business world.

Making "Free" Work for Your Small Business
[2008-01-16] Last week, I criticized BusinessWeek for an article that told small businesses to steer clear of Web 2.0, which I think is bad advice.

Local Media Trends to Look Out for This Year
[2008-01-10] 2008 is already off to a great start in the online media world, and local media appears to be getting more ad dollars.

Tips For Startups Can Apply To All
[2007-12-27] If you've ever trained a newbie, you know that there's a lot of routine stuff you'll sigh your way through. Questions or comments may bring up entirely new ideas, however, and it's for this reason that many businesses, whether they're new or old, can learn from tips for startups.

Experiments and Lessons Learned in Social Media
[2007-12-20] Jonathan Crow of ThinkFree recently conducted what he calls "The Great Social Experiment," where he tested the art of online social networking to evaluate whether or not joining the conversation across popular online communities would benefit his company.

Getting Your Customers to Fill Thier Shopping Carts
[2007-11-29] Since the "purchase" is the ultimate conversion, it is imperative that you remove as many obstacles from the customer's research-to-buy cycle as possible.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
[2007-11-15] It's not a question I've spent much time thinking about lately, but it was a question brought to mind when I appeared on a panel discussion for 100 business students at New York University last week.

Ways to Engage Your Audience
[2007-11-08] How engaged a customer is with your website will determine whether they can be persuaded to buy, comment, download or submit their information for you to follow up on.

Lessons On How To Be a Great Client
[2007-10-22] I've spent a lot of years working in marketing agencies and the one thing you learn with that kind of background is how to build relationships quickly.

Should You Launch Your Website With an Affiliate Program?
[2007-10-16] Question: I am new to the market and have a product I am going to launch soon at a similar price-point to SEO Book. I am wondering if I should launch with an affiliate program, and if it will provide a substantial return prior to.

Making Sense of Linking & Site Promotion
[2007-09-20] The OG's of link building like Eric Ward are full of reasons why acquiring inbound links without consideration of direct effect from search engines is a sustainable and worthwhile marketing tactic.

The Key To Viral Marketing is Niche Marketing
[2007-09-13] Bobby Hendersons post explaining his Fine Art Taco experiment should be required reading for all marketing, advertising, business people, and bloggers.

How Viral Marketing Could Kill Your Google Presence
[2007-09-06] The Dangers of Social Media manipulation. Over the past year, SEO has increasingly turned its attention to social media, looking for ways to manipulate sites like Digg in order to bring in surges of traffic.